About Our Shop

Aprikose is a small lifestyle boutique specializing in sustainably and ethically made clothing, beautifully illustrated books, wooden figurines, art supplies, decorative objects, natural body care, textiles and furniture for children 0-10. We seek out small-scale, independent brands— artists, textile designers, sewers, wood workers, makers, and more—who share our values of simplicity, quality and care for our planet.

Our Story

Aprikose, the German word for apricot, is a tribute to the country that shaped my journey of motherhood.

As a new mom living abroad, I was in unfamiliar territory in more ways than one. When my oldest daughter, Matilda, was born, we passed our days with regular walks to the local toy store, where I admired the beautiful handmade objects and became increasingly drawn to a lifestyle of buying fewer, better things and making them last.

I was exposed to the wooden creations of Holztiger and Nic—collectable items that encourage imaginative play and that have been cherished by all three of my children. Our strolls through the damp, rainy streets of Hamburg were comfortable and cozy thanks to wool pieces from Disana, Fub and Engel—wardrobe staples that were passed down among three children and that are now packed away for future grandchildren.

Those early years in Germany inspired my approach to life and motherhood in such a deep way that when I returned to Canada, I had to share it. Through Aprikose, I hope to provide a backdrop of living simply and buying with intention.

Each item we bring into the shop has been treasured in our own home, and every piece is sustainably and ethically produced. Our clothing can be passed down for generations—cherished enough to mend rather than replace. Our collections include thoughtfully crafted toys that encourage creativity and open-ended play as well as investment pieces that will carry you through all of life’s seasons.

When you visit Aprikose, we hope you feel as inspired as I felt in that Hamburg toy shop. We invite you to discover the beauty of true craftsmanship and to build an intentional home with objects that will become heirlooms.

From our family to yours,