Motherhood Moments: Britt & Rosemary

Motherhood Moments: Britt & Rosemary

Our new journal series features a collection of thought-provoking questions aimed at inspiring first-time mothers to share their unique experiences, challenges and joys. By reflecting on their journeys, we aim to offer practical advice and foster connections with other parents through their stories.

Join us for a glimpse into the world of Britt, a painter, and her energetic 18-month-old, Rosemary.

How did you prepare for Rosemary's arrival?

Rosemary was a very welcomed surprise. Once finding out there were many things to prepare for, but In hindsight, you can never be fully prepared for the experience of parenthood. The thing I did beforehand that helped me the most was educating myself on birth. Looking back now I wish I had also read more into the postpartum experience, as I found myself learning as it all unfolded.

What has been the most surprising aspect of motherhood, so far?

I always knew that being a parent changes you, but every day I find myself transforming as my daughter grows. I could have never imagined I would become the person I am today because of Rosemary. She is a gift.

What are some baby essentials that you couldn't live without?

Less is more: less to clean, less to think about, and less to get in the way. I love the toys that Rosemary seems to never get bored of, they usually involve more creativity. Her play kitchen and art easel have been great! She also really loves her weather station by moon picnic, it's right by our front door. It's a great way to talk about the day and work on language skills. I also have been loving her Plasticana Jelly Shoes this summer, I just have to clean them off the hose they dry right away and if I forget them outside for a few days they can't get ruined. 


How do you incorporate your daughter into your painting process?

Rosemary is still so young, but so very eager to experience the world with us. Sometimes she will be content just watching me paint for a few moments, on the weekend when my husband is home with us. Other times she will also paint along with me on her easel, again this may only last a short time before she is more interested in my art supplies than hers. At this moment in our lives, it's hard to find the time to do it all. I usually paint while she is sleeping and the house will often be a mess on these days.  All of this aside, she is usually my main inspiration and her spirit always makes an appearance on the canvas.  

What advice would you give to other mothers looking to pursue their passion for art while also raising young children?

Set the bar very low and leave room for surprise. I always get the most worked up, stressed out, and ironically less done when I am concerned with my productivity. I have found that the best time of day for me to work is around noon when it is daylight and I have the most energy. I get about two hours every day while she is napping. I only really work at night every now and then. I usually save this time for self-care so I don't burn out on life. 

Thanks for reading along with Britt's journey into motherhood as a creative & a first time Mother - learning as she goes and finding solace in the unplanned spaces throughout the day. Join along next month for a chat with another local maker & Mother! 

*Rosemary wears the Misha & Puff Balloon Sleeve Paloma Onesie, with Birdie Romper + the Rylee + Cru  Crochet Ruffle Romper with matching Crochet Bucket Hat. 

*Britt wears the Shaina Mote Linen Boy Trouser with Le Bon Shoppe Jeanne Tee, as well as Micaela Greg Cinch Dress in Muted Stripe and Shaina Mote Saatchi Sweater. Britt is also wearing the Rita Row Satellite Top and Kronk Pants. All outfits are paired with the Plasticana Gardenia Clog

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    Gorgeous photos! So looking forward to more of this series!

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